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Project Management Software

With this online software the Project Manager can track and monitor all projects with ease by getting immediate feedback from the contractor or employee in the field or workplace. All data entered is backed up daily and securely archived for a later use.

  • Complete project management
  • PM enters project information and tasks
  • Field technicians provide daily updates and checkoff tasks when completed
  • PM receives email notification of updates received
  • All information from A-Z is located in one spot for invoicereconciliation and audits
  • Receive ‘real time’ updates from the field
  • Send ‘real time’ updates to the field
  • Access your project from anywhere you have internet access

Quote Management Software

This web based system allows for an easy and efficient way to send out tenders to their contractors.

  • Upload files that are too large for email
  • Secure website
  • Easily manage all contractor quotes

File Transfer System

This system is a great way to send and receive files from Contractors or Employees in the field.

  • Send and receive files too large for email
  • Archive all files

Time Tracking Software

  • Easily manage all contractor quotes
  • Completely web-based
  • Real time entries are seen as soon as they're submitted
  • Add / Remove and edit employees and their access levels in seconds
  • Add new employees in seconds as their term begins
  • View all employee hours easily by total hours or by pay period
  • View individual employee hours easily by total hours or by pay period
  • Easy to customize to project, client and assignment specific situations

TechMate (Hoisting Tool)


TechMate is a simple yet powerful tool to operate. It is light and versatile. This user-friendly concept translates to safer work practices and greater efficiency.


Ladder usage is greatly reduced by using TechMate. The unit is attached to a designated point on the overhead strand, remaining there for the duration of the job. Once attached, most handling is done from the ground, avoiding worry about the “three point contact” ladder safety rule.
Falling incidents are reduced.
By handling equipment on the ground, back injury is less likely.

Cost Efficiency

TechMate speeds up the process of installing equipment or accessing existing equipment increasing productivity.
Injuries from unsafe ladder operation are reduced, resulting in less time lost.
TechMate greatly reduces the possibility of damaging equipment through unsteady handling.
In certain situations, TechMate can eliminate the need for a second technician.

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